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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Giordana & Shane

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

**As seen in Weddingbells Magazine Fall 2016 print edition**

Giordana and Shane love the unconventional.

And that is why Renata De Thomasis ( event planner, makeup artist and our friend!) brought us these totally rad clients. They wed in the Distillery District at The Fermenting Cellar in October, 2015.

These two wanted a rich, dark and moody look with all red and deep wine florals and black linens, and, as you probably could've guessed.... candles GALORE!

Also, how gorgeous is that cake with red roses by the talented Nadia and Co?!

The bride wore a stunning gown by Berta Bridal with a leather jacket and spike heels, and the groom in a black on black suit. These two LOVED that dark vibe and we loved them for taking it and making it perfect for their wedding day.

Take a peek at the lovely images from our amazing friends at MANGO studios.

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Monday, January 09, 2017

Danielle & Kevin

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

Oh, this wedding. I honestly believe this wedding paved the way for a lot of weddings we had in 2016. 

Danielle's family own a beautiful property on Lake Simcoe, and man, was it incredible.

Danielle and Kevin wed under a birch chuppah overlooking the lake, one the hottest day I have ever witnessed in August of 2015.

Their guests enjoyed cocktails just as the sun went behind the clouds on the lawn, and dined and danced under a clear ceiling tent, under the stars. Can you see it now?

The floral palette was muted neutrals, in ivory,cream and taupe with loads of foliages... after all, this was in the middle of the woods!

With amazing planning and orchestration by our friend Melissa Baum, tabletop accents fromPlate Occasions, and birch chargers and farmhouse wood chairs and over 400x candles? THIS WAS SO INCREDIBLE!

This wedding consisted of 50 brass lanterns with LED candles hanging from lines running across the ceiling inside the tent, a 10x foot foliage installation above the Bar and a huge floral chandeliere with lush foraged foliage hung above the dancefloor.

Planning: Melissa Baum Events

Photography: Brian Mosoff 

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Crystal & Jer

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

This one.

What can I say? We've been pretty fortunate to get the chance to work with several amazing photogrpahers getting married!!!!

Crystal is an amazing photographer who reached out with a beautiful vision for her wedding to Jerry: photography being the most important, along with details, details, details and beautiful, classic aesthetic for florals, in muted tones.

These two have incredible taste, and their wedding is one of my most referenced by other clients for a look they absolutely loved!

We love working at Graydon Hall the most, so when all of the stars align and the clients are wonderful, photographer and venue are perfect, of course we knew this one woudl be one for the books. Nothing beats a beautiful Venue with a garden Ceremony on a sunny (and hot!) summer day in Sept 2015.

This wedding was featured on Wedding Sparrow, and selected by viewers recently as one of the Best of 2016 on the blog! ( the wedding was 2015, but published in the following year).

How beautiful are these two people? And these photos, by the incredibly talented Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her.... breath taking.

Congrats C+J, and thank you for being so amazing to work with and with such impeccable taste. You are truly fabulous people.


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Friday, January 06, 2017

Cara & Matt

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

These two were so much fun to work with.

Cara and Matt came to me upon a referral from their photographers, our friends at Mango Studios. 

Cara wanted neutral tones with her florals, but with a subtle pop of deep wine to break up the blush and creams, and we accented the florals with gold vessels, table numbers and subtle gold details in the place setting decor. It was beautiful.

These two are classic, clean and sophisticated and they wanted an elegant and romantic feel on their wedding day, and I think the lineup of Vendors in combination with the amazing couple was absolutely stunning!

Cara + Matt wed at Graydon Hall Manor, one of my all time favorite Venues in Toronto. There is nothing more classic than GHM in the summer months - the beautiful house, that beautiful garden and terrace..... it's so magical and I absolutely LOVE working there each time.

Take a peek at C+M's gorgeous day back in 2015 from the Mango team. Aren't they so fancy and handsomely good looking? Not to mention, some of the coolest people out there.


Congratulations guys! You're incredible.



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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Denise & Karim

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

Another fabulous wedding from 2015... can you believe I didn't ever get to blogging somethign this beautiful??

Denise + Karim are absolutely the foxiest, handsomely beautiful clients we may have ever layed eyes on. Meeting Denise was to this day a highlight of my career. She is direct- a straight shooter, and she had a specific feel and look for the wedding that couldn't ever be duplicated.

Her main inspiration in combination with Shealyn's fabulous aesthetic was to use the gorgeous blue and white Chinoisery collection from our friend Cynthia at Plate Occasions... and they made such a huge and everlasting impact with the addition of florals. She didn't want anything overly fluffy, and wanted the florals to have an edge.... and in any world of flowers, the King Protea will do JUST THAT!

An all star lineup on this lovely July wedding with our friend Shealyn Angus ( at the time, working for Bliss) on planning, and or amazing friend Barb of Tara McMullen Photography on the camera.

MacLean House is such a beautiful Venue, with its' manicured garden grounds and Reception inside an old mansion... what's not to love? Oh, and they brought their pups to the Ceremony. YEAH THEY DID!!!!

Check out the gorgeous photos of these very beautiful people and their gorgeous wedding day. We absolutely love you two.

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