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Monday, January 02, 2017

Britni & Dave

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

2015 was really, really good to us.


Britni and Dave are so sweet and so damn good looking! They wed at a golf course just North of the city on a hot, hot summer day in 2015, that let's just say was.... dramatic to say the least!

A full blown wind and rain and thunder storm broke out during their rooftop nuptuals, leaving guests rushing inside to take cover. These two lovers stayed and finished their vows, and had an amazing first kiss amongst total chaos with their familes cheering and clapping! ( Then, everyone else ran inside!)

It takes a couple like this to laugh off a horrible weather occurence and manage to have the best evening despite the hiccup, and dance the night away with their closest family and friends. 

How beautiful are these photos from our dear talented friend, Tara McMullen Photography?

B+D ::::  We love you two! 



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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Brittany & Myles

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

Brittany and I had never met, but I had followed her work as a photographer on Instagram.

When she shared a post that she was engaged, I reached out and said " we got your flowers covered!" She booked a meeting and that was the beginning!

We met and became fast friends, and during the wedding process Brittany was so trusting with the floral aspects. As a wedding vendor in the biz, she left the selection with me to work with to make it easier and the most amazing it coudl be!

She gave us the feel of her wedding, and how she wanted it to reflect her and now husband, Myles as a couple and the colour story and left the rest to us.

Brittany and Myles wed outside the city with beautiful weather for these amazing images by our pal Jessica Rose Photography. 

Also, they had a taco Bar for dinner....what else can we say here?! 

A year ( and some!) has flown by and this wedding is still one of my all time faves. This wedding has been featured multiple times on several publications, and we can see why! A photographer weds a musician and dancing is under a twinkle light-filled tent? COME ON!

Did we mention that Brit now works at B&B as our Admin Assistant and Manager, and resident photogrpaher for BB and Bloom School?! How lucky are WE?!!!


HUGE Congratulations to one of the funnest and most in love couples we know to date: Brit and Myles, ya'll are the sweetest!

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Michelle & Andrew

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

When your friends get married, it is the absolute best thing ever in life as a florist.

Michelle, a wedding photographer who, with her sister Jackie, owns 3Photography. She is also a close friend and neighbour who I have known for several years.

You always know it's going to be an amazing event when a photographer gets to plan their special day, and Michelle has amazing taste and impeccable attendtion to detail. 

Michelle and Andrew wed with their families in a small and intimate wine bar in our neighbourhood, just around the corner from their (and my!) home called Bricco.

The Reception followed, and friends joined them for a beautiful meal and dancing on a beautiful evening in June, last summer. 

Michelle practiced for months to perfect the beautiful watercolour for her stationery, paired with a bold palette with coral peonies being the main attraction with the florals.

Michelle wanted mixed metals and lots of textures to come through to add detail and warm up the blank canvas at Bricco, and I think with the candles and beautiful linen fabric runners and bold florals we really achieved just that! We paired brass and copper tone vessels and white pillar candles with the natural teak wood tables that existed at the Venue for a layered effect.

How stunning are the captures from the girls at 3Photography ( of course Michelle and her sister, along with their second shooter Shelby) really took this one to the top.

Michelle and Andrew: you are truly incredible, and I am so thankful to have been a part of your beautifully designed wedding.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Angie & Haig

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Weddings

When my sweet friend Angie got engaged I was SO thrilled to be chosen to create her and her lovely Groom Haig's flowers.

I had designed Angie's brother Andrew's wedding a few years ago and met him and Angie when I was living and working in Halifax, so it is always a pleasure to work with people who I have a previous relationship with.

Angie and Haig wanted a low key, fun and causal and intimate feel for their cocktail style Reception, fit with an open mic style kareokee night. How much fun is that, am I right?

Needless to say, their selection for florals was also fun and bold, and they really gave me free range to pair whatever blooms I felt would work in the palette that they had decided on. I feel like the bright punches of pinks with the orange tones paired with some softer neutrals was perfect for their September wedding.

And these photos from our friend Jess at Daring Wanderer? COME ON! Jess always brings it with the moody and unique captures, and working with her makes me want to DANCE! 

Huge congrats to your 1 year of wedded bliss, Angie + Haig! We love you! 



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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bloom Sessions Autumn Workshop

Posted by: Becky De Oliveira in Friends of B&B Workshops

PSA: It is my official goal to open a flower school in this city.

My original business model was based on a full-time flower school with a few events polka-dotted throughout the year to pay the bills if no one signed up.

Almost 4 years later and we are running lots of workshops at the shop in the off season, but there are not enough of us to have my school a reality for right this moment but trust me, I am making this happen in 2017 ( possibly even later 2016)

Finally, we offered a weekend Floral Intensive: more than just a casual workshop... essentially built for florists and designers alike. I've always wanted to offer a workshop for each season, Fall being my favorite.

Bloom Sessions was just what I wanted it to be! We held in the fall of 2015, hosted at The Briar's Resort on Lake Simcoe.

We wanted to create a fun and magical weekend for aspiring florists to join us in learning a garden style compote design for tabletop, and a bridal bouquet and personal flowers.

We invited our good friends Tara and her employee Barb of Tara McMullen Photography to join us and document the work. I think they did a pretty fantastic job of it, don't you?! 

Place settings for styling were supplied by our friend Cynthia of Plate Occasions, and accessories by The Loved One and Blair Nadeau.

Hair and Makeup for our model Michelle was by our friend Ashley Readings, and the beautiful silk pants suitshe is wearing under that pretty blue coat (thanks Barb!) is from Loversland ( And For Love is the designer).

 The fabulous aprons were purchased from Portland Apron Co as part of our Welcome Baskets and we all really just loved them.

Huge thanks to my amazing BB girls Lara and Alysia for helping assist me and orchestrate this workshop. You guys were fantastic assistants!

And of course to Tara and Barb, Ashley Readings, and our model Michelle, Plate Occasions, Loversland and The Loved One and Blair Nadeau: for your contributions!

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who joined us and invested in this weekend of flowers and learning.

We had an amazing time and can not wait for the next one! ( Hint Hint: hopefully coming this fall!)

Will you just look at the magic that was created by our amazing attendees?!! 

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